Top 50 Most Influential People in Tacit Knowledge Management

For many years, tacit knowledge management had been a very cold topic in the society, while there are some of our experts devoted themselves into this field without any recognitions. Those are the pilots and we should respect and recognize their significant contribution to this world. Therefore, we would like to have this “Top 50 Most Influential People in Tacit Knowledge Management” awards in Davos, Switzerland, Nov 13 2023.

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Selection Criteria:

Targeted candidates

  1. Any professors/ scholars/ researchers etc who have made significant achievements in TKM.
  2. Any practitioners who have achieved significant success in practice.
  3. Any persons/organizations who have made outstanding applications tools/ systems to support the use of TKM


  1. Either you have Books/ Publications/Research papers related to TKM
  2. Or had been keynote speakers in various KM/TKM conferences
  3. Or Other significant contributions in TKM applications
  4. Or invent some tools/ systems in TKM


Please nominate yourself or others whom you’ve seen they deserve for it. Please click for nomination.

Or scan to nominate:

(Deadline CET 24;00, Sept 30, 2023)

Final winners:

The final winners shall de announced by Mid of Oct 2023 on the website. And all winners are invited to come to Davos and take their Awards in person. Travelling and entertainment cost will be on your own.