Green Learning

Green Learning Awards (GLA)

What is Green Learning Awards(GLA)?

Green Learning Awards (GLA) are set up to recognize the outstanding individuals or organisations who have made significant achievements in green learning for the benefit of mankind.

Our goal is to promote green learning around the world for the benefit of humanity. Unlike other forms of learning, Green Learning especially emphasizes the retention and sharing of tacit knowledge, learning on the fly, lifelong learning and the robustness to unlearn.


We have 4 categories of awards:

For individuals:

GLA Selection Criteria

  • Innovative contribution to the theory of enhancing GL such as Methodology/ Applications/ Tools etc
  • Excellence practice in GL, such as the number of people involved/benefited, measurable results, etc
  • Investments in products/services/solutions/systems which enable the effectiveness and efficiency of GL
  • Tacit knowledge preservation and transferring inside ( how they demonstrate, website, mentoring programs, etc)
  • Implementing creative and virtual concepts/spaces to create economic value and social value
  • Improve the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) of the community

Selection panel:

The Selection Panel is responsible for the overall assessments and shortlisting the winners.

In total, we received over 50 nominations, both from organizations and individuals. However, the selection panel unanimously decided that it is premature to present individual Green Leaning Awards (GLA) this year. Therefore, we have only identified the winners in the organizational category at this time.

Due to our limited scope, time, and resources, there may be several other organizations that have significant impacts on the field of sustainability, but we have not yet included them in our assessment. We hope to consider them in the next round of nominations.


Final winners:

Please see the list below. 

Global Green Learning Award Winners will have the opportunity to benchmark their practice with global peers, join the GO-TKM global networks for improvements, attend the Davos Forum to receive the award, share their best practices in green learning with millions of audiences around the world, and be endorsed as a global role model in ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance).

All winners are invited to come to Davos, Switzerland, taking their Awards in person and sharing their best practices. Travelling and entertainment costs will be on their own.

The awards ceremony will take place at the 1st Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum on 13 November 2023 in Davos, Switzerland.



Selection Panel of Green Learning Awards

GO-TKM, Davos Forum 



Congratulations to the Winners of Green Learning Awards 2023

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For organizations:

  • 2023 Global GLA awards, Operational excellence–[GE Vernova], [PepsiCo], [Munchies]
  • 2023 Global GLA awards, ESG–[We Don’t Have Time]
  • 2023 Global GLA awards, Innovation–[Poços de Caldas Laboratory of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission]